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Slim Sylvester Youth Travel League

The youth travel league has grown each year since it started.  This year, with the addition of girls teams, we are up to 86 teams!  Each year, we start by having an organizational meeting in late September or early October.  Then teams must confirm commitment to the league by the deadline established each year.  The season starts with our Tip-Off Classic which is a one day event where every team plays three shortened games that are used to evaluate the teams for schedule making purposes.  The steps to get involved in the league are as follows:

1 - Attend organizational meeting (date and time posted here)

2 - Confirm commitment to play in the league and Tip-Off by the deadline

3 - Turn in E-Roster: Team Name, Gender, Grade, Division, Coach Name and  Information, Player Name, School, Grade & Parent Email.

4 - At Tip-Off turn in fee & hard copy roster: Team Name, Coach Info, Home Gym Time and Conflicts, Player Names & Parent Signatures.


The schedule for December is released shortly after Thanksgiving.  Coaches should report their scores using this online form for the month of December ONLY!


No games are played over the Christmas break then if changes need to be made to the schedule they are made and the January and February schedule is released shortly after January 1st.


Recreational Division Rules

Competitive Division Rules

January and February Schedule