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Pinnacle Hoops - Fall Festival Savings!

AAU and fall basketball should be about getting better as basketball players, NOT breaking the bank! In addition, the more time you spend searching for events the less time you can be doing more important things! We have made it easy and affordable for you!

Our 5 Fall Tournaments (Binghamton Saturday, State College Saturday, State College Sunday, Corning Saturday and Rochester Saturday) would cost you $1500 if you signed up for each day individually. HOWEVER, with the Fall Festival savings package, the more you sign up for the more you save, paying as little as $1100 for ALL 5 events or $220 EACH if you sign up for all 5! This is a total savings of $400 dollars and a discount you will not find ANYWHERE else on the AAU circuit! Below you sill find a breakdown of the discounts laid out based on how many events you play in.

If you want to take part of the best deal in AAU simply click HERE to register and click HERE to pay to automatically be enrolled in 6 events!

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