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Pinnacle Hoops - Peak Performance Pricing!

AAU and spring basketball should be about getting better, NOT breaking the bank! In addition, the more time you spend searching for tournaments the less time you can be doing more important things! We have made it easy and affordable!

Many tournaments offer no discount, while others only offer multiple team discounts per event. We are all about SAVING YOU MONEY! So you save at our events for every team in your organization across any event we run!

For instance, if you send 6 teams to one event, 2 teams to three events or 1 team to 6 events, those are all the same and you would get 10% off your fee which in this case is a savings of $180 or $30 per team!

Our savings max out at 12 teams which is 25% off your total bill, so if you send more than 12 teams they all get that 25% savings which is $75 off per team which is a price UNHEARD OF in AAU!

If you want to take part of the best deal in AAU simply click HERE to register, once you create an account you can opt in for as many events as you want and pay to automatically at the same site! You can get your discount code below.


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