Pinnacle Hoops Development


Small Group Training

Rather than do all day camps that are glorified babysitting services, we offer small group training:

- Maximum of 5 athletes per session and as few as 2 for a session to still be held.

- Sign up for as many or as few hour long training sessions as you want throughout the summer

- Six time slots daily (9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm)

- Five days a week (M-F)

- Six weeks (July 6-10, 13-17, 20-24, 27-31 August 3-7, 10-14)

- Extremely affordable rate for one session and the rate drops down the more sessions you do!

- Lead instructor Tony Lindsey has coached at Division 3, junior college, high school and AAU basketball levels and has worked/attended top camps across the country like Hoop Group Elite and Skills, PGC Basketball, Micah Lancaster Training, Ganon Baker Skills and more

To register for one or more sessions, simply click HERE


No player is registered completely until payment has been received,

this is due to players being registered online, then no showing for sessions.

There are a total of 180 sessions over the 6 weeks, below is a breakdown of the per session price based on how many you sign up for:

1-15 Sessions: $10 per

16-35 Sessions: $9 per

36-60 Sessions: $8 per

61-95 Sessions: $7 per

96-135 Sessions: $6 per

136-180 Sessions: $5 per

This means you could get a full summer of small group training for only $900.

HOWEVER, sign up for our PHD Tuition Program and pay one flat fee of $1000 anbe able to attend ALL of our training

sessions for the summer and get 8 hours of individual training when it can be scheduled and get a performance T-Shirt.

So even if you miss a few sessions, it is still a great savings for you!

Payments must be made in full in advance of the first session participating in for both the Tuition Program and Individual Sessions.