Pinnacle Hoops Development


Skill Sessions

Our Skill Sessions are NOT basketball camps, they are complete basketball educations!

- These sessions are designed to challenge players physically and mentally, players will be asked to focus on skill development.

- Time is not wasted on fillers like knockout or hotshot, we are too busy TEACHING!  We also eliminate any unnecessary down time.

- Content is not set in stone, rather it changes based on the level of the players individually and as a group.

- We limit each session as to not exceed a 6:1 player to coach ratio to MAXIMIZE individual attention.

- Players are split within each session so they are grouped with other players of their grade and skill level.

- Lead instructor Tony Lindsey has coached at Division 3, junior college, high school and AAU basketball levels and has worked/attended top camps across the country like Hoop Group Elite and Skills, PGC Basketball, Micah Lancaster Training, Ganon Baker Skills and more

Unless noted otherwise, ALL sessions are at All Saints School 1112 Broad St. Endicott, NY.

DAY Sessions are at these times:

1st Quarter: 9-10:30am

2nd Quarter: 10:30am-12pm

3rd Quarter: 12:30-2pm

4th Quarter: 2-3:30pm

Need or want to come earlier or stay later? NO PROBLEM! Every day that we run skills we offer:

"Warm-Up" Session - 7:30-9am

"Overtime" Session - 3:30-5pm 

EVERY 1.5 hour session is ONLY $10

Columbus Day - 10/14/19

Veterans Day - 11/11/19

Black Friday - 11/29/19

Holiday Break - 12/23/19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - 1/20/20

Presidents Day Weekend - 2/14/20 and 2/17/20

Good Friday - 4/10/20

Memorial Day Weekend - 5/22/20

Summer Session #1 - 6/22/20 - 6/25/20

Summer Session #2 - 7/13/20 - 7/16/20

Summer Session #3 - 8/3/20 - 8/6/20

To register for one or more sessions, simply click HERE


No player is registered completely until payment has been received,

this is due to players being registered online, then no showing for sessions.

Each 1.5 Hour session is only $10 which is less than $7 an hour for great instruction.

HOWEVER, sign up for our PHD Tuition Program and pay one flat fee and

be able to attend ALL of our skill sessions for the remainder of the year!

Our Tuition Program includes all sessions remaining in the year INCLUDING warm-up and overtime sessions!  In addition, Tuition Program members are eligible for TWO 1.5 hour individual workouts during the year AND receive a PHD performance shirt!

Individually, this would cost a player $1400 for the year!  HOWEVER, with our tuition program the rate(s) are as follows:

FULL YEAR TUITION (September 1 - August 31) - is only $720 which is under $4 an hour for instruction

THREE-QUARTER YEAR TUITION (December 1 - August 31) - is only $690 which is under $4.25 an hour

HALF-YEAR TUITION (March 1 - August 31) - is only $600 which is under $4.75 an hour

QUARTER-YEAR TUITION (June 1 - August 31) - is only $570 which is under $5.25 an hour

To put this in perspective, JUST the summer sessions alone with warm-ups and overtime would cost $700! 

So even if you miss a few sessions, it is still a great savings for you!

Payments must be made in full in advance of the first session participating in for both the Tuition Program and Individual Sessions.