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Skill Sessions

Our Skill Sessions are NOT basketball camps, they are complete basketball educations!

- These sessions are designed to challenge players physically and mentally, players will be asked to focus on skill development.

- Time is not wasted on fillers like knockout or hotshot, we are too busy TEACHING!  We also eliminate any unnecessary down time.

- Content is not set in stone, rather it changes based on the level of the players individually and as a group.

- We limit each session as to not exceed a 6:1 player to coach ratio to MAXIMIZE individual attention.

- Players are split within each session so they are grouped with other players of their grade and skill level.

- Lead instructor Tony Lindsey has coached at Division 3, junior college, high school and AAU basketball levels and has worked/attended top camps across the country like Hoop Group Elite and Skills, PGC Basketball, Micah Lancaster Training, Ganon Baker Skills and more



Boys & Girls:
4th-7th grade 6-7:30 and 8th-11th grade 7:30-9

6 Wednesdays May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5
ALL Sessions at All Saints (1112 Broad St. Endicott, NY 13760

What to bring: Basketball and Water Bottle

What you get: 9 hours of focused instruction (6:1 ratio)

ONLY $60 if you sign up for all 6 nights. (9 hours) which is UNDER $7 an hour!

If signing up for less than all 6 dates, it is $15 a date ($10 an hour)

EACH SESSION will have no less than 6, no more than 24

The focus of this session is shooting only!  Every player advances at their own pace.  It starts with shooting form and advances on to include items such as shooting contested, creating space, shooting off the catch, shooting off the dribble, shooting off ball screen, game like shooting situations, making screen reads, shooting in transition and more.  Most important is every player will get plenty of reps!

To register, fill out the online form above and mail in a check or pay online in the sign up section.
Payable to: Pinnacle Hoops Development, Mailed to: Tony Lindsey PO Box 362 Endicott, NY 13760



WEEK 1: June 24 - 27          WEEK 2: July 15 - 18          WEEK 3: August 5 - 8

ALL Sessions held at All Saints Middle School 1112 Broad St. Endicott, NY

Each week has 4 sessions with the following specific focus areas:

9-10:30am Shooting Solution - Focus on volume of shots & lasting change in form consistency along with game type/speed shots
10:30am-12:00pm Ball Handling/Ball Control - Developing a stronger handle, making moves and improving control of basketball
12:30-2pm Finishing/Explosiveness - Learning many finishes, off of both 1 and 2 feet as well improving explosiveness to the rim
2-3:30pm Game Play - Game strategies at specific positions and interacting with other positions throughout game play.


Athletes are divided based on age and experience level with each group having their own coach!  There could be as many as 6 groups  per session with our goal being NEVER more than 6 athletes per any one coach.  It is important to note that these are skill sessions where each player is challenged at their own pace and coached in small groups.  Therefore, it is possible to have a wide range of ages in a gym together working independently.


1-4 Sessions are $50 per session (just over $8 an hour)
5 Sessions: $240 total          6 Sessions: $280 total          7 Sessions: $320 total          8 Sessions: $360 total

9 Sessions: $400 total          10 Sessions: $430 total          11 Sessions: $460 total          12 Sessions: $480 total

*Players can sign up by the day as well, each day costs the same amount as one full session

To register, fill out the online form above and mail in a check or pay online in the sign-up section.  The

amount of the online payment is $10, simply change the quantity so the amount matches total owed.


November 23rd, 2018
ALL SESSIONS for Boys and Girls 3rd-8th Graders
Session 1: Shooting Solution - All about reps and instilling proper form 8-9:30am

Session 2: Game Time Shooting - Creating and shooting game speed shots  -  9:30-11am

Session 3: Defense/Agility/Explosiveness - Being more dynamic in all movements having to do with basketball - 11am-12:30pm

Session 4: Ball Control/Ball Handling - Focus on maintaining possession of the ball and breaking down defenders - 1-2:30pm

Session 5: Finishing - Avoiding and finishing through contact - 2:30-4pm

Session 6: Transition & Game Play - All aspects of how to play as an individual within a team offense - 4pm-5:30pm

Want to go shopping but don't want to take the kids? Want to keep them busy during the break and be productive?

What to bring: Basketball and Water Bottle

Where: All Saints School (1112 Broad St. Endicott, NY 13760)

In the spirit of BLACK FRIDAY, the sessions offered at our lowest prices!
1 SESSION - $12
2 SESSIONS - $22

3 SESSIONS - $30

4 SESSIONS - $36

5 SESSIONS - $40

6 SESSIONS - $42

Fill out the  ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM and then either pay online or mail in fee. If mailed, it should be payable to Pinnacle Hoops Development and sent to Tony Lindsey PO Box 362 Endicott, NY 13760

Fall Skill Sessions 2016


Boys & Girls: 4th-7th grade 5-6:30, 8th-11th 6:30-8
Tuesdays & Thursdays October 4th - October 27th

What to bring: Basketball and Water Bottle

What you get: Focused instruction (6:1 ratio) and t-shirt

Fee: $100

EACH SESSION will have no less than 10, no more than 24

Sessions will be at one of the following (TBA):

OLGC - 701 W. Main St. Endicott, NY
All Saints - 1112 Broad St. Endicott, NY

To register, fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM here and then you can pay online at this site OR mail in a check payable to Pinnacle Hoops Development and sent to Tony Lindsey PO Box 362 Endicott, NY 13760