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These levels are similar in that teams play home and away games at times provided by the host team, because of that days and times of games will vary.  The biggest difference between the two levels is in the rules and style of play.  Recreational is focused on the development of the players only and less to little focus on winning of the games.  Competitive, while STILL PART OF AN INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE, has rules that allow more advanced game play options and have scores kept.

The season has two sessions.  The first session runs December 6 - December 19.  All teams will play 4 games in that time.  Scores will be recorded and any changes to divisions will be made over the holiday break.  This allows teams who were placed improperly in December to be placed properly for the remainder of league play.  Then the second session runs January 3rd - February 13th where all teams play 12 more games.  The week of February 14th-20th will be for make-ups. Teams play comparable opponents, some weaker and some stronger.  The goal is player development NOT winning!


Teams provide own practice and game gym time.  Each team MUST have at least one home game time a week*
*if a team has no home game time they can play all games on road but the 16 game schedule is not a guarantee
NEW THIS YEAR - 4th grade teams will ONLY play games Friday-Sunday.  If a team does not have home gym time on those days, they will have to play  all games on the road.

Teams provide own equipment and uniforms.  Uniforms can consist of even a t-shirt but teams MUST have uniform #'s

We do have an option to get reduced cost uniforms for league teams if they are interested.


The youth travel league has grown each year since it started.  Since adding girls teams, we have reached over 100 teams!  Each year, we start by having an ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING:

September 29th at 7:00pm at All Saints Middle School (1112 Broad St. Endicott, NY)

Teams must confirm commitment to the league by NOVEMBER 8TH, 2019


Tip-Off Classic 11/23 at Johnson City K-8 School and All Saints

This a one day event included in the league fee, where teams plays three shortened games used to evaluate them to make the league schedule.  This event is included in the team fee, while you are not required to participate in it, the event will help for better placement of your team.


 - Tip-Off Classic Seeding Tournament (officials provided)

- 16 Game Schedule

- League Organization and Set-Up

- Use of our APP for Schedule and League Information!

NEW THIS YEAR: One league official for ALL games*

The fee varies by grade:

4th Grade: $280 ($136 league fee, $144 for 16 officiated games)

5th Grade: $320 ($136 league fee, $184 for 16 officiated games)

6th Grade: $400 ($136 league fee, $264 for 16 officiated games)

This change is done to establish consistency in the application of the league rules AND to help promote all games being played so teams do not get cheated.  More details will be released but if a team does not make up a game, the opposing team WILL have the opportunity to make it up with an  alternative opponent.  Each team gets 16 officiated games regardless of location.  If a program has someone who has officiated their games in the past they can be added to our league official pool but must work the Tip-Off Classic and be trained and have direct accountability to the league.  If they choose to donate their earnings back to the team they  can.  Teams in more outlying areas may  be required to use this method if enough officials out there are not available.

For programs of THREE TEAMS OR MORE that are having their league official donate the money back, they can pay just the league fee BUT their official MUST officiate 8 games regardless of location.  So if you are scheduled for 6 home games, your official will have to do TWO away games.

The steps to get involved in the league are as follows:

1 - Attend organizational meeting (September 29th) - this is a crucial step for everyone to be informed

2 - Confirm commitment to play in the league and Tip-Off  and fill out team information, INCLUDING proof of insurance or stating you will buy it through us by November 8th by following this link - Pinnacle Travel Registration

3 - Register your roster HERE and once you create an account, you can opt in to any events you want - League roster MUST be turned in by 11/20.

4 - Pay fee by 11/8 online or by mailing a check payable to Pinnacle Hoops Development to Tony Lindsey PO Box 362 Endicott, NY 13761


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