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Pinnacle Hoops - Slim Sylvester Series!

SLIM SERIES - League Option

For members of Pinnacle Hoops Travel Basketball. While you pay for the league separately, you MUST pay for all tournaments at once to get the discount.

If you want to be a part of the best youth basketball deal around, click HERE to enroll in the league, click HERE to register your roster for the event. You can also opt into tournaments once you have created an account. You can pay on the exposure site as well.

SLIM SERIES - NO League Option

For teams looking to take part in tournaments but not the league. You get 4 great tournaments for a great price! See the chart below for a breakdown of costs per event along with the savings for each! The discount codes for online payment are below.

To take part of the best deal in youth tournaments click HERE to register and you can pay at the same site!

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